Amber Law Holistic Lawyer Movement


In 2013, Amber joined a Global Movement that started in the 1980s in the USA and is growing in global influence towards a Holistic and Therapeutic approach to practicing law and thereby creating a more loving and peaceful human existence for all.

This is possible if more lawyers ‘awaken’ and harness our power as a force for good to then guide our clients from a place of conflict, towards a space of clarity, peace and healing; elevating social consciousness.

In tandem, global systems of legal education, law and policy must also be transformed by clearing and creating channels for the practice of heart-centred law and justice."

Amber Turner BSc (Hons) LLM, Founder Amber Law.

International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers

Promote peaceful advocacy and holistic legal principles.
Encourage compassion, reconciliation, forgiveness, and healing.
Advocate the need for a humane legal process.
Contribute to peace building at all levels.
Enjoy the practise of law.
Listen intentionally and deeply in order to gain complete understanding.
Acknowledge the opportunity in conflict.
Wholly honour and respect the dignity and integrity of each individual.