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Meet Amber Law Collaborator, Nalanie Chellaram, Founder Integral Yoga Gibraltar

"The purpose of Yoga is to bring individuals back to their original condition, because by nature we are all peaceful, happy and easeful. No one goes to the doctor and complains "there must be something wrong... I feel so well".


  • Do you feel stressed out and unable to cope?
  • Do you suffer from panic attacks and fears?
  • Are you lacking in energy?
  • Have you forgotten your real goals and feel your life purposeless?
  • Do you experience aches and pains in your body and there's nothing medically wrong?
  • Do you have a chronic illness and feel unable to cope ?
  • Do you suffer from asthma?
  • Have you lost someone close to you and need help?
  • Would you like to further your spiritual practices?
  • To get fit?
  • To regulate weight?
  • To become more supple?
  • To help with back problems?
  • To learn how to relax?
  • To relieve stress?
  • To join an exercise class that is gentle?
  • To try something different?


Modern problems of body and mind are caused by wrong habits and mental stress. Yoga is a remedy. Asanas (physical postures) deal directly with the spine, nerve centres and endocrine glands. The spine is made supple. The nerve centres are energized and blocks released. The glands are rejuvenated. Yoga breathing practices, called pranayama, allow us to take in much more oxygen so the entire body can be oxygenated. This brings a vital energy to every cell and removes all toxins.

Thinking proper thoughts is an important part of Yoga. Thought is food for the mind and when we put in new thoughts, harmful thoughts will fall away. This is achieved with concentration and meditation. Peaceful thinking, which is meditation can eliminate anxiety.

Spend about 15 or 20 minutes in practicing the Yoga postures, 5 or 10 minutes practicing pranayama and then simply sit quietly in meditation. If you really want to be healthy, happy or useful, take care of every minute of your life. This holistic approach is Yoga.


  • Deep relaxation
  • Deep breathing
  • Positive affirmations
  • Stress relief
  • Counseling
  • Learning to let go and forgive the past and live in the 'now'
  • Learning to accept life and at the same time face life's challenges
  • To encourage self-awareness
  • Understanding Nature's Laws
  • Asanas (Hatha Yoga) to alleviate stress and relax


"The purpose of Yoga is to bring individuals back to their original condition, because by nature we are all peaceful, happy and easeful. No one goes to the doctor and complains "there must be something wrong... I feel so well". It is only when we disturb our ease that we call ourselves 'dis-eased'. Then we must find the cause of the disturbance and remove it."

Sri Swami Satchidananda

The Founder of Integral Yoga

Every human being longs for happiness and seeks it according to his or her own development. Some seek to satisfy the ever changing physical, emotional and intellectual aspects of personality. Others, having learned from experience, seek a permanent happiness.

It has been taught by countless sages and saints throughout the ages that true and lasting happiness is our very own nature. What we seek is within us. This is the nameless One that has been given many names, the Indweller of all beings, the Self, God, Brahman, Jehovah, Cosmic Consciousness, Nirvana, The Kingdom of God within, and the Source of all life.

Since it is infinite, it can be experienced only when we rise above the finite personality. Yoga is both this experience and the means to this experience. As one practices yoga, the body, emotions and intellect become perfected tools for service to humanity. At the same time, all obstacles to the realization of perfect happiness gradually drop away.

Integral Yoga

Integral Yoga is a synthesis of methods that develops all sides of the spiritual aspirant. It is a scientific system verifiable by anyone who practices sincerely. It was introduced into Gibraltar in 1989 by Nalanie Chellaram, a disciple of Sri Swami Satchidananda. In 1996 the Integral Yoga Centre was registered as a non-profit making charity in Gibraltar to promote the goals of Integral Yoga and to promote spiritual awareness, growth and development in Gibraltar to all peoples, irrespective of nationality, race, sex or creed.

Since 1989 the Integral Yoga Centre has grown rapidly and we now offer classes in philosophy, meditation and Hatha yoga for beginners and more advanced practitioners. There are 14 fully trained teachers in Gibraltar and classes are held for children, teenagers and adults throughout the week. We have been allocated premises by the Government and are currently working towards the refurbishment of the property to provide a haven where all people can come to learn the science of yoga and find peace within themselves.

Om Shanti


Yoga Gibraltar

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