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Music Therapy

Meet Amber Law Collaborators, Terry Oldfield & Soraya Saraswati

Terry Oldfield & Soraya Saraswati are a talented couple of musicians sharing their love globally together through Music, Meditation and Mindfulness, Concerts and Retreats. Their music can be heard on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Bandcamp, Sound Cloud and Mixcloud.

Scientists commonly work with healing frequencies. When listening to the right frequency of music we can find peace of mind and heal.

Soraya says “At the bottom of the emotional scale we have depression and we have grief and the top of that emotional scale is joy, peace and pure love. Our life dances between those two scales.”

Terry adds “We tend to look outside for the solution to things. The big shift comes when we start to look within. The right music will come to those open to it. This is the magic.”

Being mindful is about bringing your attention to the present moment, with intention, self-compassion and non-judgment. It is a practice of observing the quality of our thoughts. What are our pre-dominant thoughts? Are they positive in the main or are they negative? How do we see the world? Do we focus on pain, gossip, suffering and criticism or do we celebrate joy, success, health, gratitude and abundance? What thoughts do we choose to think? Or are we thinking ‘unconsciously’?

The present moment is the only thing that is real. Without a mindful practice we may spend most of our lives oscillating between thoughts of the past and the future, neither of which exist. The past has gone. We can never ‘catch up’ with the future. All we truly have is the present moment. Many who feel stuck in their lives, without being able to move forward may be replaying a traumatic incident that happened to them in the past, over and over in their minds in their present. The mind does not distinguish between past and present; this means that when we recall a traumatic event, our emotional and physical bodies will react to the recalled event, almost with the same intensity with which it was felt/ suffered at the time.

Reliving these negative experiences in the present can take us on a downward spiral emotionally, leading to stress, anxiety and depression. But we are reacting to something that no longer exists! In order to become ‘unstuck’ we must bring our thoughts to what is real, in the present moment. By doing so we can check in with ourselves, understand that we are safe in this moment, that what happened has passed, we can accept and acknowledge what happened to us, process the anger, humiliation, frustration, let go of our attachment to that event and open up to the healing process. Only then can we change the quality of our thoughts and therefore the quality of our life experience.


Terry Oldfield is a world-renowned musician best known for his unique style of flute playing. He has been nominated for a British Academy award and two Emmy awards during his career and has composed music for over 80 Film and Television productions , receiving two Emmy nominations for “Land of the Tiger” and “Twilight of the Dreamtime” and also a British Academy Award nomination as composer for the BBC series “Kingdom of the Ice Bear”.

Terry’s career began in earnest when he was asked by the BBC to compose music for a series called “Great Railway Journeys of the World”. He also worked on Meerkats United, which was voted 'Best Wildlife Film Ever' in a National Television Poll.

In the early 1970s, Terry and his brother Mike formed a band called ‘Barefoot’ playing rock’n’roll at colleges and clubs throughout the UK and Europe. Mike later went on to record the highly successful “Tubular Bells” and Terry played the flute at the first live performance at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London. His earliest musical experiences were in the myriad of folk clubs that sprang up in the UK during the late 1960s and early 1970s, listening to the likes of Leonard Cohen, Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, and Bob Dylan. Terry left school at 16 to travel the world and worked as a roadie for various bands including “The Byrds”.

During an extended stay on the Greek Island of Hydra, he bought a silver flute from a fellow traveler and fell in love with the instrument. “I think it was learning to play in this way, with no formal guidance, that allowed me to develop the ability to compose music. I spent many happy days improvising tunes and discovering scales and arpeggios for myself and soon started to teach myself to write these things down”. Terry also appears on his brother Mike’s albums “Hergest Ridge” (flute), “Ommadawn” (pan pipes) and extensively on “Incantations” (flute)

With over 3 million record sales to date, the magic of Terry’s music continues to touch and inspire audiences worldwide.