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    Life Coaching for Lawyers, Mediators, Clients & Students

Life Coaching

Meet Amber Law Collaborator, Judymay Murphy, author, comedian, TV script writer, BBC Radio Host, International Life Coach & Speaker

Judymay has been working at the top of the self-help industry as a coach and speaker for the past 20 years.

Known for being a coach to many household name speakers, A-Listers in the entertainment industry as well as many experts and healers, Judymay specialises in coaching people to success from having had a childhood of difficulty, chaos or neglect and from a place of being a narcissistic relationship-survivor. Having suffered at the hands of unkind and thoughtless people doesn’t need to close down your biggest dreams or highest aspirations!

Working with you including in one-to-one sessions, Judymay will ensure that you are designing and moving into the best life possible for you. This takes into consideration the ways you have been conditioned over time to pull back, over-give and constantly scan the horizon for possible pain or difficulty.

It’s not too late, you can still create a masterful life and Judymay Murphy is the expert who has proven with hundreds of clients over the past two decades that she can get you there.

From time-to-time we will also be letting you know about the one day workshops and group courses that she conducts both online and in person.


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