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Art As Therapy

Meet Amber Law Collaborator, Marie Fox

Artful Remedy promotes the healing powers of art through self expression in a safe, tranquil, non-judgmental and non-clinical environment.

I took an interest in ‘Art as Therapy’ after being enthused by the findings of Austrian pioneer Edith Kramer, who studied the life-changing effects of arts and crafts in a refugee children camp in New York City during WWII. I came to realize that I wanted to share and offer art as a means of healing, as art had helped me too. I am passionate about Art and Art Therapy. It has been my loyal, non-judgmental & consistent partner through Life. I have always been making and studying Art. No doubt it is my strongest and most valuable asset. So I began my journey and ambition to further my knowledge and understanding in the professional field. My ambition was to introduce this alternative and complimentary therapy to Gibraltar and beyond.

I became a member of BAAT, British Association of Art Therapists. This is a professional organization for art therapist in the UK. BAAT is a dynamic organization that promotes excellence in art therapy practice grounded in the best research evidence for clients’ benefits and offers full support. It is here where I improve, sharpen my tools and keep up to date in the field.

International articles and reports have proven that art as therapy bears undeniable positive results on a wide spectrum. For good practice, I follow the ethical, practical, systemic, legislative and theoretical components essential to delivering safe, effective and evidence based art therapy interventions with children and adults in a range of settings.

Art as Therapy is a creative, non-verbal expression using evaluative & psychotherapy skills to choose materials & directives to facilitate the goals of the individual’ needs. The creative process helps to increase insight, cope with stress, work through traumatic experiences, increase cognitive memory & neurosensory abilities & improve interpersonal relationships. No artistic skills are required!

During the years I have obtained extensive experience and knowledge whilst working and learning with Government bodies in the Education, Social and Health Departments whilst also contributing and collaborating with local Charities and organizations. When practicing I get a sense of purpose with profound satisfaction. I love to help others, to empower & improve their quality of life.

Artful Remedy tailors Workshops, Care Plans, Focus Group & Individual sessions to individuals and groups.

I also integrate Tai Chi & Qigong elements into my sessions when needed.


The sessions that I co-ordinate are geared idiosyncratically in order to: increase insight, cope with stress, manage trauma, improve relationships, and increase cognitive and sensory skills. Art therapy is a journey which can enable transformation of consciousness, connecting spirit and matter. It offers an alternative means of assessing and reflecting your current state without the need to verbalize it. Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art as its primary mode of communication. It involves the use of visual and tactile media as a means of self-exploration.

☆ Art Escapes, Art Reveals, Art Heals ☆


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