Amber Law Holistic Lawyer Movement
  • Creatively resolving legal problems away from court rooms

    Creatively resolving legal problems away from court rooms

What is Holistic Law?

At Amber Law, we care about you - the client - first and foremost.

 Holistic Law is about: 

  • Building a strong foundation of core values such as balance, truth, integrity, non-violence and non-stealing.

  • Creatively resolving your legal problems and disputes away from court rooms. Importantly, this approach reduces mental, emotional and physical harm to both adults and children as well as reducing the time in obtaining results whilst keeping legal costs down. 

  • Bringing you clarity and peace of mind, primarily by exploring the underlying reasons why you have a legal problem or dispute in the first place. This understanding will enable you to identify any red flags or triggers that may lead to negative or destructive behaviour or situations arising; consequently breaking the chain (possibly of intergenerational trauma) and avoiding similar circumstances arising in the future.

  • Offering you a safe space of non-judgment, supported by our Client Well-being Network throughout and after the process of resolving your legal problems or disputes; empowering you to heal from any mental, emotional and/or physical pain created by having a legal problem or dispute; creating a gentle opening for you to embark on a new life path with new possibilities and opportunities.

We care about you and we care about why the legal problem or dispute arose.

What is it about?

  • How is your legal problem or dispute affecting you mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and/or financially?
  • How is it affecting those with whom you are in a relationship with at home and/or at work?
  • How is it affecting any children and how can we alleviate their symptoms of stress and anxiety?
  • How many creative solutions can we identify to resolve the legal problem or dispute?
  • Which solution will be the quickest and least costly to you and to your loved ones, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and/or financially?

 Let's map out a new pathway together during the process so that you can visualise your future past this challenging time ... 

We know that addressing the legal problem or dispute alone is not enough and our aim is to provide our clients with a real chance of attaining peace of mind, wellbeing, healing and as much balance as possible in all aspects of their lives.

We deem it our moral and social responsibility to find solutions to the personal challenges that led to, or resulted from, the legal problem or dispute. In this way, we treat the client as a ‘whole’; that is holistically.

We care about how your family, friends, co-workers and employers may be affected. No person is an island. We recognise that if you are worried, stressed, anxious or depressed, those around you who care for you and with whom you share close relationships, may also be affected. This is perfectly normal and what we refer to as ‘the ripple effect’.

Together with our Client Well-being Network, you and your loved ones will have the opportunity to co-create a pathway back to wellbeing - with the least mental, emotional, physical, spiritual or financial cost to you or to your loved ones.

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