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  • Empowering our clients through UK Mediation

    Empowering our clients through UK Mediation

Amber Law Promotes UK Mediation Services as No. 1 in the UK

“As a mediator, I provide a safe, confidential, and neutral environment in which everyone can start to build better dialogue.”

Dr Mike Talbot, Founder & CEO UK Mediation

Transforming conflict, building dialogue, and maintaining people’s relationships

When I started UK Mediation back in 1999 the last thing I wanted to do was to replicate what everyone else was doing! Having been a psychotherapist for quite a while, I thought, ‘Well, why not use what I already know to get under the skin of conflict, and to look at resolving it from the inside out?’ So now I’ve got arguably the biggest and most successful mediation company around, and the idea seems to have worked!

The thing is that we struggle to negotiate our way through conflict because we’re so angry, put out, hurt, or impatient that we find it hard not to let emotion get in the way of reason. Communication breaks down, and we get so wrapped up in an interpersonal struggle that we can scarcely remember how the argument got started in the first place. My approach is to understand these conflict processes in great detail, so that we can start to resolve all sorts of disputes much more effectively.

My curiosity about the psychology of conflict has led to a whole load of services and training courses that you won’t find anywhere else. My life’s work has been in understanding where conflict comes from, and how we can get better at resolving it. UK Mediation is my way of making these ideas, services, and courses available for you to use: transforming conflict, building dialogue, and maintaining better relationships.

Our comprehensive range of training courses, delivered online for both organisations and individuals.

Unresolved or poorly managed conflict can be a massive drain on individual and organisational resources. Learn how to deal with conflict more effectively through one of our online training courses and you can save people a lot of time, money, stress, and distraction.

We offer a range of market-leading mediation training courses: from one-day to six-day programmes, covering all areas of mediation. We can teach you to resolve workplace disputes, family and neighbourhood fall-outs, tenancy disputes, and even business conflicts.

These can all be delivered online too: facilitated by one of our expert trainers – also a practising mediator – and using our high-quality training videos and learning materials. The training remains interactive, meaning you will get a hands-on learning experience that gives you the best possible start to using mediation skills.

The courses are simple to join too. Prior to your training, we will send out a unique and secure link to a Zoom video session. And then, on the day, all you have to do is click that link to join!

Become an accredited mediator with our flagship mediation training course.

Train to be a mediator with the five-day Interpersonal Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate (IMPC), the market-leading 40-hour professional mediation qualification.

The IMPC qualifies you to be able to resolve any and all types of interpersonal conflict. This includes workplace disputes, family and neighbourhood fall-outs, medical disputes, and consumer and business conflicts.

Over 5,000 people have qualified with us in the last 20 years on the Level 4 course, with 100% of them either ‘Satisfied’ or ‘Very Satisfied’ with their mediation training experience!

One reason for its popularity is that all of our trainers are practising mediators, as well as certified adult educators. We use a variety of exercises, including case simulations, group work, individual exercises, and discussions, to build up your competence and confidence as a mediator.

On top of this, we have trained mediators from all over the world, and our training sits on Ofqual’s ‘Register of Regulated Qualifications’, alongside A Levels and Degrees. The course is also formally recognised as a ‘Certified Mediator Training Program’ by the International Mediation Institute (IMI), meaning that your qualifiation is recognised worldwide.

Currently, we are running the IMPC qualification as a specially-adapted blended course, spanning over six days and split into three days of live online learning (Module One) and three days of in-person training (Module Two). Module Two can be completed in your choice of either London, Manchester, or Birmingham.

Train your team in mediation and conflict resolution.

Do you want to train a group of people to be able to resolve conflict either within, or for, your organisation? If so, our in-house courses are the perfect solution.

With an in-house course, you can:

  • get the training exactly where you want, when you want
  • use the training to start building your team of dispute resolvers
  • have the training centred on your specific subject area
  • use our support package to get started straight after the training

We can come and train your group in all areas of mediation, including workplace, neighbourhood, medical, and commercial, with anything from a ½-day course to an accredited qualification as a mediator.

We can also deliver all of our in-house training options online via video conferencing. So, if your delegates work from home or work in different locations, they can still take part and learn to resolve conflict more positively!

Becoming an accredited mediator is just the beginning of your mediation journey.

Here at UK Mediation, we believe that mediation training shouldn’t end once you become an accredited mediator. Our range of ‘next steps’ options allows you to develop and grow your skills to become a world-class mediator, able to handle more demanding cases.

If you’re looking to top up your skills, our Mediation Refresher is the course for you. This one-day open-access course allows you to revisit key skills learned on your training, as well as giving you another opportunity to practise your skills.

We also offer our Professional Practice in Mediation (PPM) qualification, which allows you to demonstrate your professional practice as a mediator. It is a level five qualification and the highest professional mediation qualification in Europe.

Our Next Steps courses are also available online, and can provide you with the perfect training programme to top up your skills or add to your mediator toolkit. This includes both our Mediating Online and Mediating by Phone one-day workshops.